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Free Sample Pack: Trailer Tools Vol. 1

We at TMA are proud to present you

Trailer Tools Vol. 1

A high quality sound design sample pack which you can download right now for




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Trailer Tools Vol. 1 contains a wide selection of sound styles that’ll help you maximize your music’s ambiance at your comfort. Sound designs range from refined booms to spine-chilling atmospherics; as well as tenacious whooshes and of course… the ever-famous impactful braams!

All sounds are live-recorded and post-produced using the latest gear by the talented Maks Piszczek – who has also provided these very same sound samples to renowned and professional composers in the cinematic industry. With Trailer Tools Vol. 1 at your side, you need not worry about searching for sound effects nor be stressed about making them. This entire pack is fully equipped and ready to enhance your tracks!

In addition to the pro quality sounds crafted by Maks, the artwork is created by Sam Hayles – who is best known for creating various artwork covers for Audiomachine, Really Slow Motion Music & Sound Design, Celldweller and much more.

Now is your chance to use these same sounds as heard in official trailers!

Here is your opportunity become one with the technology that has given life to movies!

The best part? It’s all yours to download for FREE!

About our producer


Hailing from the culturally rich city of Kraków, Maks Piszczek has been in the music industry ever since 2008. Being a pure autodidact in music and already well-established with professionals in the industry, Maks’s natural skills has enabled him to produce uniquely exquisite sounds fit for motion pictures. Having an extensive background in EDM, house and electro genres, it is in trailer music where Maks feels super creative in. Maks also wishes to inspire new or young composers in achieving their dreams through the power of sound, and working with the trailer music genre allows him to fulfill this noble aim. Having inspiration from Thomas Bergersen’s style while producing his own music through ingenious ways, we expect to hear more upcoming tunes from Maks Piszczek soon!

7 thoughts on “Free Sample Pack: Trailer Tools Vol. 1

  1. test says:


    Nice to meet you.

    Is this free sample pack (Trailer Tools vol.1)100% royalty free?

    And please let me know how long it will be free.

    Best regard

    1. Trailer Music Academy says:

      Hey, nice to meet you, too! The sample-pack is royalty-free, yes. And it will be online for an unlimited amount of time. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂


  2. Don Suite says:

    Hey thanks for these great Samples I will add then to my library.

    1. Trailer Music Academy says:

      Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated! 🙂


  3. Jeroen says:

    A huge thank you for offering this for free. Highly appreciated! I will immediately play around with these nice samples. Super Maks!

    1. Trailer Music Academy says:

      We sincerely hope you enjoy the samples and that they find a good home in your compositions! 🙂


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