Review: Trailer Xpressions By Sample Logic


  • Contains 26 Kontakt cinematic construction kit Instruments.
  • Over 1,000 audio files recorded in .wav format at 44.1kHz/24 bit.
  • 4.2 GB sample library | Kontakt 5.6.8 or later.
  • MIDI controllable user interface to morph, tweak, and favorite sounds.
  • Lifetime user license to use the sounds on any production.


Imagine yourself being a full-time trailer or cinematic music composer making tunes for motion pictures – sounds lovely, yes? The thing is, you have a major project deadline waiting around the corner – like an unseen predator eating every minute of your available time.

For most professional composers in the cinematic industry, creating your own sound design can be the biggest time-killer which often requires ginormous efforts from your part. As the deadline looms near – especially when you need to complete around 5 sound design tracks pronto – the entire process can be a daunting task to many! Just what do you do in this crucial situation? Fortunately, there’s a solution; the answer manifests in the form of Trailer Xpressions.

Trailer Xpressions is a marvelous addition to any existing sound design libraries that you already have in your possession. With a great potential to help you during crucial deadlines, this library is uniquely solid and specially crafted for trailer or motion picture music. Trailer Xpressions contains over 1,000 sampled sounds that ranges from suspenseful atmospheres, drones, risers and stingers to gut-wrenching whooshes, braams, impacts, scrapes and reverses.


On the very first day when I received this library, and after exploring the sound samples between folder to folder, I noticed that the sounds of Trailer Xpressions are not the mere mediocre samples that many of us are used to hearing from most trailers cues. Matter of fact, the sound designs of this unique library are extremely fresh! The sounds of Trailer Xpressions are so rich in originality and finesse that you could use them to further spice up your trailer/cinematic track, or even compose a completely brand new track entirely!

Before we go further, I want to share an important piece of information for those who are interested in how the industry works: one essential key factor which would allow your cues to be accepted by publishers or getting trailer placements is to have your own “signature sound”.  

For instance, you can have the most amazing structure trailer cues. However, if you keep on using the same boring sound, then on the bright side it might get accepted by publishers but it would have lesser chances of getting a trailer placement. There is good news though! With Trailer Xpressions by your side, you don’t have to worry about finding that signature sound too hard because this library will come to your rescue!

With Trailer Xpressions accompanying your journey towards composing music, this library would assist you in crafting that signature sound which would eventually land you in to that jackpot trailer placement!

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present you this quick demo track which I wrote using only the Trailer Xpressions library. Here you can get a rough idea on how the library itself sounds like.





The Interface is clean and easy to use. There is a real-time waveform view which I find very useful when browsing samples. You can also adjust the “start” part of the sample playback for more accessibility to the sound. Furthermore, you can quickly audition the samples and earmark the sound that you like by simply pressing the “heart” button, in which the key will turn red corresponding to the sound you just marked. This will show up every time when you load the construction kit.

The most interesting part are the controls: they might look simple but these controls are very powerful. The controls allow you to sculpt the sounds even further or even turn it into a completely new sound!




There are two ways of using this library:

1. For those people who prefer to work with this library outside of Kontakt, the answer is you sure can! The samples are ready in the form of “drag and drop” components which can be accessed from the following categorized directories:

2. You also can work within Kontakt itself to sculpt the sound even further. Here is a quick video of how you can do further sound designs with the Trailer Xpressions engine:



Also, please be sure to check out another cool Trailer Xpressions demo track made by my amazing colleague Patryk Scelina from Trailer Music Academy!


Trailer music these days is getting more loudly intense while outlandish sound designs are currently on the highest peak in the trailer music industry charts. Creating such insane and eccentric sound designs can seem like a never-ending quest to complete as production time can be tremendously consuming – especially when you are working on the cues all alone. However, Trailer Xpressions just made cinematic work way easier and user-friendly! Just drag & drop the elements you need, and you are good to go in a nick of time!

Last but not least, Trailer Xpressions is a solid addition next to your current cinematic trailer libraries. Even if you are not writing for horror or sci-fi cues, there are tons of other sounds which you can use from the Trailer Xpressions library. You can then combine the sounds of Trailer Xpressions with many other existing cinematic trailer libraries to create even more unique sounds for different genres. Trailer Xpression is not meant to replace your current libraries that you have. Instead, Trailer Xpression functions as a solid extension that magnifies your musical style to pro level heights!


If you are in need of horror, sci-fi or even completely fresh sound designs, then Trailer Xpressions is definitely the sound library for you! With the price of only $199 USD, you’ll get over 1,000 industry-standard sounds with a clean interface that’s inspirational and very easy to work with.

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  1. I have Trailer Xpressions .I ‘m going to use it as one of my go to Cinematic Library’s.It has different sounds than any other Cinematic Library’s.

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