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Welcome to Trailer Music Academy (TMA) – where we spark the passions of countless composers, while fueling the power of epic music itself.

Forged by creative minds hailing from the online trailer music community, TMA aims to share valuable techniques that would truly allow an aspiring composer evolve into a modern-day musical maestro. In order to help achieve a student’s dreams to come true, we at TMA provide our learners with a wide selection of course materials to conveniently choose from; with all courses being arranged by renowned experts who have ample experiences in both the cinematic and music industries. There is no such thing as an “absolute teaching method” as each student could obtain knowledge through different creative ways with us; all the while being mentored by professionals in parallel. With countless experienced mentors to choose from, coupled with interacting with other peers, a student can gain access to a sophisticated council or advisory team that would offer enormous support in every single step of their learning journey.

Our vision at TMA is to function as a haven for all composers (be they established or completely new) where everyone could get together to form a community – people exchanging tips, advice and support in order to maximize each other’s progress. We at TMA wish to provide students a highly interactive experience as if they feel they are sitting together with professional composers in an actual studio; able to learn different aspects of trailer music such as writing hybrid tracks or mixing/mastering from a wide selection of experts who are ready to guide them. Our community – rich in connections and constantly updating knowledge – will also contribute to the evolution of the trailer/epic music genre as a whole, since many new rising composers would eventually become the next generation of maestros the future will ever witness.

Additionally, students and teachers alike can also have the chance to compose or produce music for our company EOS (“End Of Silence”) after giving us proof of their musical prowess. Please see the official website of EOS here where our previous notable credits have been featured. Feel free to contact EOS for more information on how you can join our projects.

More importantly, we at TMA believe that learning is best experienced with a friendly atmosphere and cordial team support, in contrast to dry or strict teaching methods that bores people to torpor. For us, a student’s learning process or journey is just as vital as the results; for the journey itself prepares the student to know about the ins and outs of the music industry while also transforming their ideas into living musical manifestations. With a great number of teachers, experts and friends thriving in our community, a student does not feel alone – for everyone in TMA contributes to the evolution and essence of trailer music.

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